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King and Rook Chess Pieces

Chess has inspired artists of every generation. Whether they work with words, paint, or celluloid, chess has found a way to influence their work in times past. Based upon the following examples, this generation has succumbed to the Royal Game's siren song as well!

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Short Films


This is a great little animated film shot from the point of view of the chess pieces which are forced to follow our (mis)guided orders. I guarantee you will get more than one chuckle from this short!

Beyond the Move

A very stylish film in which chess players are depicted as assassins in a game of life or death....

Dexter's Lab - Chess Mom

Dexter's mom needs a lesson about proper chess spirit....

Chess Pieces

A short chess film with a lot of missiles!

A Game of Chess

This is a stop animation war movie with chess pieces fighting a brutal battle. Impressive and funny.

A Different Knight's Tale

Did you ever wonder how chess pieces amuse themselves when you are not around? This little film exposes the shocking secret! Off with his head!

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Did you spot the many chess errors in these films? Why, oh why!, do filmmakers think it is okay to use chess as a setting even though they apparently know little about the rules of the game?!?

Future filmmakers of the world: Use chess, but don't abuse it!

Know of a good short film? Feel free to recommend it in my guest book (see About Me)!