Sword and Shield

Useful Chess Links

The 2007 Gamesquad Chess Tournament
Is Chess a Wargame?
Arthur C. Clarke's Quarantine
H. G. Wells' Concerning Chess
Benjamin Franklin's On the Morals of Chess
A Review of Chess by Greg Kasavin
Archives of Victory and Defeat
The Tools of War
Multimedia Chess
Patroness Saint of Chess Players
Useful Chess Links
About Me

Chess: The World's First Wargame

FICS: The Free Internet Chess Server

BabasChess: The best interface for FICS

Chessville: The best source for chess news and happenings

Chessmaster 10th Edition: Teacher. Mentor. Ultimate Opponent.

Chess Circle: The Place for Chess

JBF Software: Home to Sevilla, the tournament software that meets all your needs

ECTool: The premier freeware correspondence chess tool!

United States Chess Federation: Not only the official home of chess in the United States, but also a great site to learn all about chess!

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Gamesquad.com: Serious Fun for Serious Gamers!

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